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Welcome, welcome! Here we talk Entrepreneurship or rather, “Wantrepreneurship”…


Welcome to You Have To Try!

I believe the majority of us would give up everything to forge our own entrepreneurial path in life and be our own boss if we felt it were possible. I’m not saying it is possible for all of us, but I’m of the opinion that you’d be crazy not to try – we only have one life and there is also this thing called the internet! I’m hoping this blog goes some way to giving that entrepreneur, blogger, digital nomad or photographer in waiting a kick up the arse or a helping hand to make their business dreams a reality.

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I personally am just a regular guy trying to become an entrepreneur and build a couple of businesses while working in the meantime as a marketeer to make ends meet. But I have a feeling you can learn much more from someone like myself, who is currently in the trenches of entrepreneurship, than from someone who way too fondly recalls their entrepreneurial journey. There are so many little problems that happen all the time as an entrepreneur, things that no one talks about, but that we should know on starting out. I’ll be talking about these little issues that come up, just so you know they are normal, surmountable and experienced by everyone else too!

They say you learn much more from failures than successes – that is the basis for my Entrepreneur Life category 😜 I’m hoping that hearing from a fellow wantrepreneur, trying his best, is hopefully good motivation to someone who is struggling or working his arse off!

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