Not Showing Up to Meetings or Calls are the Entrepreneurial Blue Balls

Entrepreneurial Blue Balls

Today I want to write about something that really irks me. Something that I believe is totally out of order and shows an absolute lack of respect! That something is not showing up for a pre-arranged meeting or call. You think it is going to happen then it doesn’t… entrepreneurial blue balls…

This Entrepreneur waiting for a meeting has entrepreneurial blue balls

Why entrepreneurial blue balls you say? Well, you know when you think you may be getting some and then it just doesn’t happen… Exactly, worst thing ever!

I wrote recently about how an entrepreneur, a blogger or anyone trying to succeed in some way needs to continuously be throwing stones. Every opportunity and every meeting can lead to something bigger after all. However, there are always drawbacks to any situation and setting up meetings for potential partnerships or collaborations is no different.

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Let me tell you why someone agreeing to a meeting or a call and then deciding not to show is such a disgrace. They know who you are — by who you are I mean an aspiring entrepreneur keeping many plates spinning and probably stressed about continuing to do so. Many aspiring entrepreneurs have jobs whether they be full or part time, so their time is limited. In any case, there are a million and one things to do when you are building a business. So when an aspiring entrepreneur agrees to a call or a meeting, it invariably means they have moved a considerable number of commitments around in order to make that meeting possible. I explained before how time management is such an important, yet difficult thing to manage as an entrepreneur.

But for me it is worse when you consider this fact: time is our most valuable commodity. We all have a very limited amount.

For someone to agree to encroach on that time and then not turn up is, for me, the same as saying “I don’t give a **** about your life!”

Some people don't care about your life or your entrepreneurial blue balls!

It has happened to us on a number of occasions and I am still never totally able to accept it. Yes, it strengthens my resolve and yes, that person is added to the list of people that I will laugh at when I succeed (it’s becoming a long list!). But it doesn’t ever get easier to deal with.

I don’t know why someone would agree to a meeting then just not turn up or make excuses three hours after the meeting was supposed to take place (oh my phone ran out of battery… give over mate…). Maybe they are just too stupid to realise the implications of that missed time? Perhaps it is a generational thing where mobile phones have reduced our urgency to be punctual or to turn up at all? Or worse, they just can’t be bothered or think you aren’t successful enough yet or worth the time when it comes to the crunch of getting out of bed.

Either way, it never gets easier to accept. A clever, aspiring entrepreneur knows the potential benefits of any meeting or call and will get excited about it. For it not to happen is quite destructive to that entrepreneur’s self belief, which is partly why we’ve coined the phrase entrepreneurial blue balls! There are only so many times those hopes can get dashed and the entrepreneur can pick themselves up to keep going.

To anyone thinking of not turning up to a pre-arranged call or meeting, just go! Do what you said you were going to do! If anything, be selfish about it; think about your most important asset — your personal brand! Not turning up or being incredibly late does not inspire much confidence!

What I will say however is that you shouldn’t give up hope. You need to keep throwing stones because, when these meetings do happen, they are almost always fruitful and insightful — they can teach you something new, give you ideas for your business and some even end up flowering into great partnerships down the line.

Remember: You Have To Try!