The Reality of Entrepreneurship –  A Founder’s Day To Day

There is absolutely no doubt that there has never been a better time to build a startup thanks to the internet. My issue is with the glorification of entrepreneurship by the media and by some entrepreneurs themselves who make it seem as though building your own business is a fun and easy thing to do. Take it from someone who is trying to succeed on two startups while still holding down a job — it’s not. The reality of entrepreneurship is that it’s an entrepreneurial mountain that you never stop climbing!

*DISCLAIMER — it might be easy if you have loads of money from Mummy and Daddy and a financial safety net wide enough that you don’t need employment on the side.

The Reality of Entrepreneurship requires some serious soul searching!

The cynic inside me feels that much of the media portray the reality of entrepreneurship in this way to make it seem as if there are opportunities galore and success to be had in life, as long as you work hard. “Anyone can do it!” This in turn makes people feel that it’s their fault if they don’t succeed instead of questioning the system of society and employment in which they live. But enough politics…

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Suffice to say, the reality of entrepreneurship is not for everyone  –  95% of startups fail within the first year!! But if you really want to go for it, be prepared for what you are going to face, don’t just jump into it blind. So, here’s a selection of occurrences that I think happen to every entrepreneur who is pre-success. Ask yourself if you’re cool with these things happening EVERY single day.

  1. You WILL have times where you think that maybe it is time to give up… 10 minutes later you WILL realise the potential upsides and decide to carry on…;
  2. You WILL work like crazy but hit a stage when you are waiting around, feeling like you could be doing more but having to waiting for things to get done before you can;
  3. You WILL have to rely on others outside your team (who aren’t fully invested in your idea);
  4. You WILL realise that your idea is not completely working yet and therefore pivot and change direction;
  5. You WILL need to be flexible as you listen to more advice and people who have been there and done it;
  6. You WILL need to keep learning things you’re not sure you are capable of learning;
  7. You WILL constantly ask yourself at what point you should actually call it a day;
  8. You WILL always need more money and be constantly worried about financials as a result;
  9. You WILL constantly be aware of the areas in which you are weak or do not have knowledge and be worried about it;
  10. You WILL be scared of failure.

So if you’re cool with all of that, be my guest. One thing’s for sure, I’ll still be going for it, being your own boss is a big arse prize!

Remember — You Have To Try!